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N.gage - Working in a CLEAR way to empower people to engage, participate, and plan their lives

The purpose of N-Gage is to equip people to participate, connect and take control of their lives.  The following objectives set out how

N-Gage will do this.

Objective 1

Enabling people with learning disabilities to take more control over their lives.

 To encourage choice and control through making information available and providing support and training in Person Centred approaches, helping people with learning disabilities in relationship building, planning, assertiveness and independence and to help people to identify ways in which they can engage and participate meaningfully in valued activities, both in living situations and the community.


Objective 2

Supporting Support Staff

 Equipping supporters in their role by providing information and training so that positive Person Centred attitudes and values can be promoted and knowledge and skills increased.


Objective 3

Encouraging Good Health

 Encouraging the learning disabled to access health and fitness facilities, visit health professionals, be given relevant health related information and develop health related objectives as part of the overall Person Centred Plan.


Objective 4

Identifying Appropriate Housing Opportunities

Supporting people with learning difficulties to fulfil their role as tenants or owners of properties.  To understand their housing related rights and responsibilities and to be given housing related information.  To be supported in exercising their rights and responsibilities.  To be given information that sets out the housing options available to them.


Objective 5

Supporting Citizenship

Helping people understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens.  Support them in all aspects of citizenship including equality, diversity and risk.  To provide information and training that relate to citizenship and to fully participate in the community.


Objective 6

Encouraging skills and learning

Providing information on relevant training and educational opportunities.   Provide training where appropriate that will enhance competence, knowledge and understanding.


Objective 7

Helping to move towards employment

Giving advice on welfare benefits and helping people with learning disabilities to move towards employment, community enterprise, active volunteering and making a valued contribution to the community.


Objective 8

Providing quality assurance that enhances services.

Developing supported living assessment, monitoring and developing individual supported living plans that ensure that all service users receive a high quality service and have greater control and choice in their lives.


Objective 9

Encouraging Interaction and Participation

Developing forums, groups, meetings, training and educational events where people can meet together safely to discuss issues, concerns and plans and have both a voice in the direction and availability of their services and be helped in mapping out their aspirations and future goals.


Objective 10

Supporting Social Activities

 Helping people with learning disabilities to be involved socially in activities, events, sport and leisure.  Supporting people to map their community so they can make valued connections, links and networks that they can use as a circle of support.


Objective 11

Supporting people to Keep Safe

Supporting people with a learning disability to keep safe both in their homes and in the community. Supporting people to recognise and manage different types of risk and abuse.

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