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Our Allotment Story

Our Allotment

The Allotment Project has been developed as a result of requests from service users for a safe gardening space to call their own

The space has been specially allocated and designed to address a need for a bespoke and safe space for adults with learning disabilities to develop and take ownership of in the way they wish.

Community Garden

A Community Venture

The allotment is a shared space, providing an important opportunity for a group of people at risk of social exclusion to integrate and enjoy greater independence. 

Social Gatherings




We have engaged with a number of local organisations who wish to be come involved, either to obtain a small space of their own or to refer individuals to the project. 

Key Objectives 

Increase community involvement

Reduce isolation and promote social skills

Promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eat

Promote environmentally sustainable practices

Provide opportunities to learn new skills and develop new hobbies

Promote healthy lifestyles and  mental wellbeing

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Provide a safe-space to relax, socialise and build friendships

Socialising and Companionship

The allotment is designed to provide a chance to form important social relationships

Planting a Plant

We have gardening groups, workshops and social events on one of the friendliest allotment sites in Newcastle. There is also the opportunity to share plots with a gardening buddy.

The allotment is a working and social space with both traditional and accessible raised beds, seating areas and paved areas for social gatherings. 

Garden Shed

We have a large summer house that allows us to provide a safe space to socialise, meet friends, hold meetings and shelter in bad weather. 

Allotment Committee

The allotment committee is responsible for future planning and dealing with any issues as they arise. Anyone can join the allotment committee. 

The Summerhouse

Let’s Work Together

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