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Our Allotment Story

Our Allotment

The Allotment Project has been developed as a result of requests from service users for a safe gardening space to call their own

The space has been specially allocated and designed to address a need for a bespoke and safe space for adults with learning disabilities to develop and take ownership of in the way they wish.

Community Garden

A Community Venture

The allotment is a shared space, providing an important opportunity for a group of people at risk of social exclusion to integrate and enjoy greater independence. 

Social Gatherings




We have engaged with a number of local organisations who wish to be come involved, either to obtain a small space of their own or to refer individuals to the project. 

Key Objectives 

Increase community involvement

Reduce isolation and promote social skills

Promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eat

Promote environmentally sustainable practices

Provide opportunities to learn new skills and develop new hobbies