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About Us

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Our Vaules

Our values narrate the essence of Ngage North East Ltd, tracing our origins, fueling our motivations, and illustrating how connecting with us can transform the lives of neurodivergent individuals.

Individual Empowerment

We recognise and nurture each person's unique strengths. By identifying and leveraging these individual capabilities, we empower everyone to reach their full potential. Our commitment to removing obstacles and loosening constraints underpins our belief in every individual. Our tailored approach demonstrates our flexibility and dedication to treating each person as unique.


At Ngage North East Ltd, curiosity drives us. We are continually seeking innovative solutions, striving to find and forge better ways of doing things. Our goal is to lead and eventually set new standards in our field.


Integrity is at the core of how we operate. We treat everyone with the utmost respect, ensuring that dignity is preserved in every interaction. We listen attentively, understanding that respect is a cornerstone of genuine engagement.


Our team embodies compassion; we are empathetic, understanding, and caring. This understanding shapes our interactions and is a fundamental aspect of the support we provide.

Let’s Work Together

Ngage NE Ltd

John Marley Centre

Muscott Grove,

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 6TT

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